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DSCN4867Crescendo (Rising Wave)

Artist:  Lilly Otasevic
Date: 2017
Description:  mirror polished stainless steel
Location: Plains and Waterdown Roads

Burlington muralCanada 150 Mosaic Mural*

Artists :Lewis Lavoie, Paul Lavoie, Phil Alain, individual tiles contributed by Burlington residents
Date: 2017
Description:  acrylic paint on panel
Location: Music Centre

  • This mural is part of a National Canada 150 project.  Visit to view all of the completed murals


Vintage BurlingtonVintage Burlington

Artist:  Jason Diesbourg
Date: 2016
Description:  digital illustration, vinyl banner
Location: Waterfront Parking Garage

espinozaWalking into Tansley

Artist:  Elena Espinoza
Date: 2016
Description:  digital photograph on panel; original mixed media on canvas
Location: Tansley Woods Community Centre

Cigw6eoVAAAyMQJTerry Fox Monument

Date: 2016
Description: granite mile marker monument
Location: Spencer Smith Park
A gift of the The Burlington Terry Fox Monument Project


Artist:  Simon Frank Date:  2016
Description:  stainless steel
Location:  Mountainside Recreation Centre

Judy Mayer-Grie Artist-20Escarpment Evolution

Artist:  Judy Mayer-Grieve
Date:  2015
Description:  digital art on panel; mural
Location:  King Road Underpass

Claire Hall Artist-1Freeman Station

Artist:  Claire Hall
Date:  2015
Description:  acrylic paint on panel; mural
Location:  Freeman Station

Teresa Seaton Artist-12Furled Fronds

Artist:  Teresa Seaton
Date:  2015
Description:  Stained glass, epoxy, copper; mural
Location:  Amherst Park

Hannah & Liam's Murals 1Unity

Artists:  Hannah Sell & Liam
Date:  2015 Description:  watercolour; digital reproduction on vinyl; mural
Location:  Port Nelson Park

Tamara's MuralAbundant Joy

Artist:  Tamara Kwapich
Date:  2015
Description:  acrylic paint, photo transfer on panel; mural
Location:  Orchard Community Park

Donna Grandin Artist-1Active Living in Burlington

Artist:  Donna Grandin
Date:  2015
Description:  acrylic paint on panel; mural
Location:  Ireland Park

WalkinPASystemg into the Unknown Tupiq

Artist:  PASystem
Date:  2015
Description:  4.3 X 16 metres, mixed media mural
Location:  Norton Community Park

The Benevolent AngelThe Benevolent Angel

Artist: George Wallace
Date: 1963, installed 2015
Description:75″ x 61″ x 18″, Cor-Ten steel and paint
Location: Central Library, 2nd floor
Given in memory of Jane Irwin

Landscape WatchersLandscape Watchers

Artist: P. Mansaram
Date: 1996, installed 2014
Description:  40” x 63”, mixed media, colour xerography on paper and wood
Location: Central Library, 2nd floor
Gift of the artist, P. Mansaram

Magic LightMagic Light

Artist: P. Mansaram
Date: 1994, installed 2014
Description: 60 ½” x 40”, colour xerography on paper and wood
Location: Central Library, Lobby
Gift of the artist, P. Mansaram


Artist: Dennis Cocchio
Date:  Circa 2011 (installed 2013)
Description:  37.75″ X 79″ X 3.5″, red clay relief, brick
Location: HABER Recreation Centre
Donation courtesy of Hanson Brick.

Spiral StelaSpiral Stela

Artist: Peter Powning
Date: 2013
Description:  5.5-metre tall stainless steel and cast bronze sculpture
Location: Burlington Performing Arts Centre
This sculpture was made possible by the generous donation of Dan Lawrie.

Alex Pentek, Orchids, Upper Middle RdOrchids

Artist: Alex Pentek
Date: 2011
Description: A series of 3, 6-metre tall bronze sculptures depicting orchids native to Burlington area.
Location: Upper Middle Road

Centennial Multi-Use PathCentennial Multi-Use Pathway

Artists: Ibrahim Rashid, Kristof Zukowski
Date: 2011
Description: A series of 17 artist designed benches
Location: Centennial Multi-Use Path

HydroAsli Alin Corridor Multi-Use Path

Artists:  Asli Alin, Ibrahim Rashid
Date:  2011
Description:  A series of 9 artist designed benches
Location:  Hydro Corridor Multi-Use Path

Mary Newcomb, Palladium Park benchesPalladium Park

Artist: Mary Catherine Newcomb
Date: 2011
Description: A series of 6 artist designed benches depicting animals indigenous to Burlington area.
Location: Palladium Park

Downtown Bike RacksDowntown Bike Racks 

Artists: Martyna Dakowicz, Jen Hsieh, Zhiyang Mao, Kyle Reed, Wesley Tsang, Xiaojing Yan
Date: 2010
Description: artist designed bike racks celebrating downtown Burlington & cycling
Location:  Various locations, downtown

LabyrinthCentral Park Labyrinth

Artist: Justine Giuliani
Date: 2005
Description: labyrinth, created with community members as a meditative sanctuary for a Millennium Project
Location: Central Park


Artist: Gerard Van den Berg
Date 2005
Description: stone bench
Location: Spencer Smith Park
Gift from twin city, Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Naval Memorial Monument, Andre D. GauthierNaval Memorial Monument

Artist: Andre D. Gauthier
Date: 1995
Description: bronze statue of a Canadian Seaman atop a memorial cairn
Location: Spencer Smith Park
A gift from the Royal Canadian Naval Association

Lady of the LakeThe Lady of the Lake

Artist: Almuth Lutkenhaus
Date: 1973
Description: bronze female figure atop Centennial Fountain;
Location: Spencer Smith Park
A gift from the Burlington Lions Club

Peace Memorial Statue, Seibo KitamuraPeace Memorial Statue

Artist: Seibo Kitamura
Date: 1989
Description: Sculpture: male figure
Location: City Hall, lower lobby
Gift from twin city, Itabashi, Japan

Winged Man, Louis ArchambaultWinged Man

Artist: Louis Archambault
Date: c. 1970
Description: Sculpture: bronze non-representational
Location: Central Library
A gift from The Canadian Federation of University Women

Burlington War MemorialBurlington War Memorial

Artist: Ivor Lewis
Date: 1922
Description: Sculpture: WW II soldier memorial commemorates losses of WWI, II, and the Korean War.
Location: North of City Hall

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