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Planning & Policy

Public Art Master Plan

On July 16, 2018, Council approved a Public Art Master Plan Update. Starting in 2019 and running until 2028, this plan provides a framework for the City’s Public Art Program by identifying opportunities and priorities for:

  • public art projects,
  • program scope,
  • site selection guidelines,
  • funding strategy,
  • governance structure, and
  • management of the program.

Public Art Policy

As part of the Public Art Master Plan, Council approved a revised Public Art Policy. The policy guides the Public Art Program and provides a mechanism through which the City can acquire public art for municipally-owned public spaces through its purchase, commission or donation.

Community Initiated Public Art

The objective of the Community Initiated Public Art Policy is to provide a framework to guide the development and implementation of community initiated public art projects. The policy ensures that all community projects align with the identified vision of the Public Art Policy. The Community Initiated Public Art Policy guides citizens through participation in the creative process and the development of art that adds vibrancy to a neighbourhood and showcases local stories.

Private Sector Public Art

The Private Sector Public Art Policy guides the integration of public art into privately owned public places in Burlington. This policy provides Council, staff, developers, the arts community, and public with a mechanism through which the City of Burlington encourages the inclusion of public art in all significant private sector development across the City.

Funding & Maintenance

The Public Art Reserve Fund has been established to permit funding to be accumulated for the purchase, commission or donation of public art and its maintenance. Maintenance is administered by the Department of City Building, in conjunction with other departments, to ensure specific requirements for individual pieces of public art are met.

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