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Youth Mural Project

Residents are invited to join Mayor Marianne Meed Ward, artists Jimmy Baptiste and Hans Schmitter, youth mural participants and Burlington Student Theatre for the unveiling of Setting the Scene, a Youth Art Mural Project that is part of Burlington’s Public Art Program.

The unveiling will be Saturday, May 4 from 3:30 to 4 p.m. outside of the Student Theatre building at 2131 Prospect St., rain or shine.

A youth-led jury selected artists Jimmy Baptiste and Hans Schmitter to complete the mural and were involved in all aspects of the artwork’s creation including the painting of the mural itself. The artwork will become a part of the City of Burlington’s public art collection and will add vibrancy, colour and energy that matches the Student Theatre.

In this mural, the artists used a collage design to represent the theatre arts, while staying true to their graffiti roots. The large red theatrical curtain wraps the “stage” which contains elements and colours that express the drama of the theatre. The artists also used the Student Theatre’s own archive of playbills, tickets and news clippings to represent its rich history of bringing the arts to the youth of Burlington.

About the Artists

Jimmy Baptiste

Jimmy Baptiste is a youth educator/facilitator, graphic artist, curator and muralist raised in Montreal, Quebec. His aim is to develop and provide his clients a unique approach to education through the arts. He promotes the use of murals as graffiti vandalism deterrent, engages people of all ages in positive skill-building experiences while simultaneously supporting local arts and culture, and enhancing a neighbourhood’s beauty for residents and visitors.

In 2015, Jimmy received the P. Lantz Bursary as an artist-in-residency from the Department of Integrated Studies and Education (D.I.S.E) of McGill University in Montreal. He as collaborated with various organisations like Mikw Chyiam as artist in residency in first nation communities, A’Shop, Under Pressure Graffiti Festival branding, Cossette Media and the Educational Program of Place des Arts in Montreal.

Hans Schmitter

Hans ”HAKS180″ Schmitter is a US born, Montreal-based artist with over 20 years experience with spray can art and graphic design. He has worked on countless commercial projects and painted hundreds of murals, large and small, in many locations around the world. He has worked as a solo artist and in collaboration with other artist and team members, in every capacity, from assistant to creative director.

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