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Temporary Public Art at The Beachway


The City of Burlington public art program is launching a temporary art project, RE:DE(SIGN) as part of Culture Days. Throughout the Culture Days celebration, the public art program is displaying small, temporary artworks on signs along the Waterfront Trail at Beachway Park.  The signs feature the work of 22 local visual artists and writers. This project provides trail users with a safe and accessible way to enjoy art and to learn more about the amazing creators in our community. Each artwork is accompanied by a profile of the artist. 

 Participating Artists:

Alan Harrington
Cody Boucher
Deborah Sowery-Quinn
Elizabeth Crocket
Hayley Verrall
Hope Flynn
Janet Horne Cozens
Janine Vincent
Jennifer Filipowicz
Jennifer Mook-Sang 
Judy Mayer-Grieve
Kate Kalysh
Michelle Coupe
Lana Kamaric
Leslie Cooper Sharpe
Lynn Leitch
Samantha Le Grand
Sydney Goodwin
Sylvia McNicoll
Tamara De Dominicis
Tamara Kwapich
Theodore A. John

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