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Mountainside Pool Mural

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The City of Burlington public art program is looking for residents’ comments on the Mountainside Pool Revitalization Project Public Art mural. These comments will help the Steering Committee choose the final artist from the three finalists they selected. Residents can go to until Monday, Feb. 20 to view and comment on the mural concepts.

The City of Burlington’s public art program is hiring a professional artist to paint a mural as part of this project. This revitalization will create a new attractive, fun and welcoming multi-use outdoor swimming pool.

Three artists have been shortlisted and have created preliminary design concepts for the public to review and offer comments. The community Steering Committee will evaluate the public feedback plus the technical proposal to select the winning artist.

The Finalists

Proposal #1

Artist:  Clear Eyes Collective

Title:  Take a Step


Artist Statement: The purpose of a community centre is to bring people together and create a safe, welcoming space that offers resources to families that live in the area. Having access to resources, programs, and different perspectives from neighbours allows people the opportunity to discover and explore themselves, ultimately finding their own paths in life.

The main element that connects all the themes in our design is the path. Upon further analysis of this metaphor, we wanted to draw attention to the ever-changing nature of a path. They are not always obvious or remotely linear. There can be twists, turns and obstacles. More often than not, we are walking a similar path to our neighbour and don’t even recognize it. In a metaphorical and physical sense, sometimes the path is unclear. It can be hidden, it can disappear and come back into focus. It is because of this that we decided to illustrate the path as the rainbow that weaves its way through nature, connecting activities, building relationships and elevating the community at large. We invite viewers of the mural to Take a Step into the stories that this vibrant community has to offer and explore the (natural/social) landscape that exists here at Mountainside.

Learn more about Clear Eyes Collective:

Proposal #2

Artist:  Jomae

Title: Currents


Artist Statement: Our mural design features 16+ biodiverse fauna and flora that can be found in the City of Burlington and along the beautiful Niagara Escarpment. The biodiversity of the region is incredible; so much more than is represented in our design, and the abundance of life in the area has lent to the flourishing community and quality of life experienced by the people living in the Mountainside region. Our mural design reflects humanity and environment coexisting together in a harmonious narrative flow. There is a connection between all living things, and the woman symbolizes that connection as a life force swimming among the different passages, creatures, and silhouettes. The formation of the various elements together reference water as a precious resource that unites, much like the Mountainside Recreation Centre acts as a community hub and neighbourhood meeting place.

Our design represents inclusivity, diversity and diverse abilities. This is seen in the silhouetted figures partaking in various activities, with friends and family. The stylized silhouettes are ambiguous and therefore relatable for many different demographics. From afar our design features a figure swimming through a beautiful underwater scene, and upon closer inspection, subtle designs and nuanced elements emerge in the flowing water. We chose the colour palette to suit the surrounding pool setting and natural environment, and also to give a fresh, eye-catching, and contemporary look to the wall while taking into consideration the architectural accents and wooden features.

Learn more about Jomae:

Proposal #3

Artist: Megan Oldhues

Title: The Woodlot’s Edge Through our Children’s Lens


Artist Statement: The Mountainside community is an integral central point of Burlington, connecting the diverse beauty of Burlington’s landscapes to the growing families who call it home. The surrounding unique trail systems, diverse ecosystems, and rare and endangered species make it a truly special place. Burlington’s Bruce Trail network, and The Niagara escarpment act as an important source of inspiration for the mural, providing they are home to watersheds, wetlands, and marshes.

Uniting a childlike sense of wonder paired with local ecosystemic elements, my vision for the Mountainside’s mural is: “The Woodlot’s Edge Through our Children’s Lens.” The scene itself incorporates local aquatic plant life and amphibians in a colourful dreamlike scene. Notably we see (left to right) the Bullfrog, Northern Leopard Frog, and Green Frog, who all play a vital role in the local ecosystem.

The design is meant to reflect the beauty found within our own backyard, aiming to positively influence local exploration and education. To bring this vision to life, I will use a painterly, realistic style that incorporates vibrant greens, blues, and pinks. I am confident that this mural will be a source of pride for all who live in the Mountainside community and appreciate its scenic allure.

Learn more about Megan Oldhues:


Submit Feedback

Once the three proposed artwork concepts have been reviewed, feedback may be submitted on one or all three designs using comment boxes. These comments, along with the technical and design proposals will inform the jury’s final selection.

Click here to submit your feedback:

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