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Civic Square Public Art Shade Structures

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In 2019, Civic Square will be undergoing a renewal project, funded by the Main Street Revitalization Initiative. The primary objectives are to improve accessibility and overall character and to better support the community and local downtown businesses. As part of this project, the public art program will be commissioning a series of artist-designed shade structures.

A community jury selected three finalists to develop preliminary artwork concepts. Now we want your feedback! Please review the three proposed designs and tell us what you think. Your comments, along with the technical and design proposals will inform the jury’s final selection.

Please review the three proposals below and then submit your comments using the form located at the bottom of the page.  You may submit comments on one or all three designs.  Please only submit one comment form per person:

Option #1:  RAW Design

Interlace is a continuous woven canopy made from a lattice of weathering steel ribbons. Its undulating form is a direct response to its context, capturing the specific need for shade while unifying activities in the square. The structure playfully drapes over the space in such a way that it provides new footpaths and exterior rooms, encouraging spontaneous gathering and casual interaction between groups and individuals alike at Civic Square.

The canopy emerges from the square from four points, creating spaces which have been carefully considered in relation to surrounding elements in the square including the open plaza, the adjacent seat wall, and the fountain. From afar, the piece will draw people into the square, creating a focal point that complements the surrounding buildings and square. At the same time, it will frame an intimate interior space for rest and respite from the surrounding environment.

Combining traditional materiality with contemporary technology, Interlace presents a response to the rich industrial heritage of the region, bridging the gap between past and future. Interlace is a public art piece that will attract and engage its users, creating a memorable experience and connect to this specific place and community in Burlington. This connection is achieved by a unification (interlacing) of culture, nature and the built environment through a playful form that compliments and enhances the Civic Square experience, offering a shaded framework for engagement, rest and spontaneity.

Option #2:  Louise deLorme
The Water Lilies

From the beginning of the concept, my questioning was about the means of how to use the sun, how to provide shelter in a creative manner, as I imagined a sunshade composed of several layers using diverse materialities interacting such as polished stainless steel and coloured aluminum in which, light acting as a catalyst produces the effect of being under an ever shifting canopy. I wanted this site-specific project to be captivating, marking The New Civic Square of the City of Burlington as an active element enjoyable for citizens and visitors alike.


Silhouetted against the sky and visible from a distance; WATER LILIES presents itself like a mirage where different layers weave together drawing and sculpture into a 3D form raised upon five reflective columns. Sensitive to its environment, the concept takes consideration, in its design, of the round shaped fountain nearby; large perforated silver coloured disks and mirror-polished disks, interconnected with the use of brushed stainless elements, are here combined and superimposed at different heights to intensify spatial depth.


Like a Kaleidoscope, the opened motifs, of varying density, cellular-like, overlapping, produce an array of new patterns that define this work as visually interactive.

Responsive to the changing cloud formations, sunshine, and seasons, continuously transforming people’s experience of the artwork, WATER LILIES generates a poetic rhythm of light during the course of the day. Optics play a large part in the concept, reflection acts like a hypnotic visual kinetic. With the sun coming through, the metallic ‘canopy’ reacts casting on the ground below, ever changing flickering patterns of light as well as shadows. Combined coloured and reflective surfaces engage the viewer directly into one constantly fluctuating form.

Option #3:  Ron Baird

Imagine a cluster of 56 sparkling stainless-steel spheres suspended above your head in Burlington Civic Square. They each mirror the sky above and the people and their movements below creating beautiful kaleidoscope patterns that constantly respond to the moods of the weather and the colours of the season.

The interesting shadow pattern on the pavement shape-shifts and changes density in concert with the sun’s movement.

Under the canopy is a perfect place to meet your friends and, when you look up you will all see yourselves reflected on every sphere. Reach for your camera and wave!











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Please submit your comments.  You may comment on one design or all three.  Please only submit one comment form per person:





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