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Burlington Mural Project

2016 Murals

Through the Burlington Mural Project, the City of Burlington has added two new pieces of public art designed to add colour and vibrancy to our city.

The two murals are located at Tansley Woods Recreation Centre and the downtown parking garage, next to the Burlington Performing Arts Centre.

Walking into Tansley, Elena Espinoza


Inspired by the history of the original Tansley neighbourhood, Elena Espinoza has incorporated a variety of historical images of early Burlington life into her design. An image of a horse, a symbol of early transportation and farming aid; the image of wheat, one of the most important cultivated crops in the early 1800s; and an image of Joseph Tansley, the well-known postmaster after which the community of Tansley was named. These images are paired with modern images of life in Burlington to show the the community over time.

Taking inspiration from the architectural elements of the Tansley Woods Recreation Centre, a series of shapes and images inspired by the building can also be found in the mural. This reference to the building celebrates the important role the community centre plays in the lives of today’s Burlington residents.

Vintage Burlington, Jason Diesbourg

Vintage Burlington

Using the style of vintage poster art, Jason Diesbourg created his design as a love letter to the waterfront of Burlington. Diesbourg’s design illustrates the many layers of the waterfront. Perhaps you’re sitting on a patio at a local restaurant enjoying a refreshment as your mind wanders across the street, the lush trees call out for you to look beyond. Waiting there is a beautiful park that transforms itself into a place for festivals, kite-flying, or just a spot to take a nap under a tree. All of this is next to the glistening waters of Lake Ontario. Boats relax and birds dance through the sky, enjoying the summer’s day in front of the impressive backdrop of the Skyway bridge.

To show the diversity of the people who are welcomed to the waterfront, Diesbourg used a rainbow of colours found in the banners located around Burlington’s downtown. Just as the people of Burlington are represented by many colours, so are the people in this design. The waterfront is for everyone.

2016 Burlington Mural Project Video

We are thrilled to launch a video celebrating Elena Espinoza and Jason Diesbourg, the talented artists behind these murals.  Click on the image below to view the video.

2015 Murals

Visit the Public Art Inventory page to view the murals installed in 2015!

Resources for Artists

Mural Workshop 

Information and resources from the 2015 and 2016 workshops:

Burlington Mural Project – 2016 Program Introduction (pdf)
Project Management and Budgeting (pdf)
Community Consultation (pdf)
Murals 101 presentation (pdf)
Mural Production Primer (pdf)

Online Resources
There are a wide variety of resources related to mural production, installation and conservation online.  We have complied a list of useful resources that may be helpful when preparing your application.  We’ll keep adding to this list as we come across new resources – so check back often!

Mural Organizations & Programs

Mural Production & Materials

Mural Conservation

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